Riders Inside Out

Søs Fejerskov-Quist

Professional trainer. Founder and proprietor of Fit2Ride.dk and RytterYoga®. Since 2009 I have educated instructors yearly such as physiotherapists, equestrian physiotherapists, occupational therapists, trainers, riders, veterinarians, centered riding instructors, masseurs, horse masseurs

Author of the books “In balance on horse back – The way to better performances” and “Equestrian Yoga – From private gym to horseback” and have written several articles in leading horse magazines.

Katia Gebara

Veterinarian. Throughout my studies I had great interest in fascia, horse biomechanics and optimisation of equine equipment in sport horses. As bachelor project we developed the study to Finnesse Bridles and for my masters we developed a muscle condition score for thoroughbreds for veterinarians and owners. Ambitious dressage rider on national level in my spare time.