Christina Suntum Sørensen

Veterinarian -

I find that many riders lose the soft connection to the horse's mouth because they are actually tense in the body themselves. Here the riders get the opportunity to feel their own body, and thus the horse's, so that the riding becomes a harmonious interaction

Lotte Paarup


Here are a number of exercises and tips for your body that are worth their weight in gold. Here you manage to integrate the latest knowledge and at the same time maintain a high professional level. The way of conveying exercises and messages is super functional and can be transferred to practice immediately

Claus Toftgaard

Horse physiotherapist and trainer

The equestrian sport is becoming increasingly technically demanding, which is why the well-coordinated and balanced rider will always have an advantage with the horse. In addition, I often find that health problems in the horse are due to limitations in the rider's riding technique and physique. Here, all riders at all levels get the opportunity to get started with a super training program and get good ideas to train themselves, while the whole thing is explained in an easy to understand way. Good training!