Online Training

Riders Inside Out

Riders Inside Out has collected the latest knowledge and put together exercises that can be used by all riders.

Riders who want to optimize the body of both themselves and their pony/horse.

The advantage of online training is that it can be fitted exactly where and when it fits into your everyday life.
There are exercises for warming up, strength, relaxation and much more.

We give you a better understanding of your body. And it gives YOU the opportunity for a much better ride in the saddle - regardless of your riding level.

Focused equestrian training

  • Effective exercises for riders at all levels and in all disciplines
  • Experience an everyday life without tensions
  • Prevent injuries for both horse and rider
  • Achieve more harmony with your horse
  • Effective exercises for riders at all levels and in all disciplines

Riders Inside Out

  • Effective and functional exercises
  • Become a balanced rider
  • Implement the exercises in your daily life
  • Add more to your physical training
  • Chat with our experienced trainer


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With the effective exercises in our program, you will make your body work better from the inside out.
If you follow our "recipe", you can look forward to becoming a significantly better rider.
Become more springy and sensitive through the whole body and ride softly "from stirrup to rein".

It is more important than ever before to find peace and focus in your own training and the collaboration with the horse.

Here you will find targeted exercises for riders of all levels and in all disciplines.
With the help of your own preparation from the ground, you get a better ride in the saddle.

You can choose to focus your training on parts of your body - shoulders, neck, lower back or other places that need attention and relaxation.

It is also possible to choose a short training program

Everything benefits you and your pony/horse.